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Finding a topic and sticking to it

In the interests of coherent journal entries, I think I'm going to start giving each entry a specific topic. Rambles about my day are likely uninteresting to read. Topical entries you can at least skip over if the general topic does not interest you. Also, I suspect I need some work with staying on topic as I've been getting yelled at more and more lately over response essays which deviate from what they are supposed to say. I'm also finding that at some point I lost my ability to say what I mean clearly and concisely.

So grats you. You get to watch me rebuild that skill.

It is likely that these topics will not make any sense to people not living in my head. That is to say, these topics will only make sense to me. Maybe some sort of continuity will evolve, maybe not. Continuity over all isn't the real goal here. I just need to get back into the habit of knowing exactly what I want to say and saying it. Because having a plan is good and keeps me from going off on the virtues of chipotle tabasco sauce in an entry about my checking account.

I'm also rather hoping that this will help me find something with which to occupy the tremendous gap left behind by my MMORPG habit. I've been more or less drifting since I quit WoW, and while I have my writing project, it's not really something I want to turn into my next great obsession. I love the story and the characters, but I want something that I can talk to people about. Alas, most people in this world do not want to hear about my twelve hour plotting session with my writing partner or the finer details of the magic system I've been developing for the story.

I suppose I could go back to the original focus of 1337 History- video games, anime, and politics- but honestly I'm not doing much gaming at the moment. Eventually I'm sure I'll figure something out. Until then, you'll have to deal with my adventures in topicality.

Now to think up what I want to write about tomorrow so I can get some research in. Cheers.


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